The Five Best Fashion’s Inventions

We take so much of our wardrobe for granted, especially the items that have fundamentally affected the way our garments look, fit, and feel. It's time to reflect on the pieces that revolutionized the fashion industry and forever changed the way we wear our clothes. Here are the five best fashion inventions; it's hard to imagine that there was ever a time without them:

Spanx: Women everywhere are grateful to the genius of Sara Blakely, who created the shapewear that bears the power to transform. Hiding those unwanted bulges has never been easier and we can't bare to dress up without them.

Thongs: Thanks to these sexy undies, visible panty lines are a thing of the past. We're partial to seamless styles, but regardless of what pair you favor, these best serve your pants and dresses.

The Convertible Bra: This undergarment is the most versatile option on the market; one bra has all your basses covered. Just changing or removing the straps transitions this one to strapless, halter, racerback, and one shoulder options.

Red Soles:
Wearing high heels has always been sexy and woman have long been obsessed with fancy footwear. But the soles were never an object of envy until Christian Louboutin came along and painted the bottoms red. His shoes remain the most coveted around.

Sequins and Crystals: Where would we be without the bling? The embellishments and dazzling adornments are what make fancy evening wear so much more fun.

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