The Glam Globetrotter: Marrakech Day 3

Day 3

On my third day in Morocco, I spent the entire day at Marrakech's infamous souk. Located off the Medina, the market contains over 12,000 shops selling a variety of wares. The textures and colors that fill the packed stalls are simultaneously overwhelming and inspiring. With all the stylish stimuli, my fellow fashion writers and I barely noticed the 107 degree heat or the exhaustion we should have felt after sleeping just three hours the night before. I entered the souk hoping to find Berber rugs, handmade pillows, tassel key chains similar to the ones at the Chateu Marmont, a Fez hat for my brother, and caftans for every lady on my list. I'm a professional shopper and am not afraid to bargain so the intense haglling that transpired throughout the day was totally my speed. I offered 10% of the asking price and most owners met me somewhere in the middle. “You bargain like a Berber,” was the rallying cry for the frustrated merchants but in the end I left with the perfect away of product that will always remind me of my trip. I could go on and on about the souk, but a picture is worth 1,000 dirham!