The Insider’s Guide to the #TargetStyle Show


Presented in true New York fashion, the #TargetStyle runway, showcasing the retailers most prestigious fall looks, took place at Hudson River’s Park Pier 57, on the West side of Manhattan.

The cost conscious and style-savvy crowded the entrance, which was lit by a large, glowing Target signage. Bloggers and New York media alike were welcomed into a hanger style hallway, accented by the now iconic bullseye logo. As soon as we walked in, we were presented with a beaming red and white runway in the Target shape, a perfect representation of the brand. After patiently waiting for the show to start, the lights dimmed and the music began.

The Target models, really giving the average shopper fashionable yet affordable options, showed off four significant looks. Keeping with a popular trend, black and white was featured in a casual form. For those afraid of color or those who adored the Beetlejuice style craze last season, Target has you covered. Second to grace the runway was embellishment. The patterns, prints and statement pieces are sure to catch the eye of any fashion forward individual. These looks presented a cool edge and classic femininity. For the office fashionista, Target presented some tailored pieces perfect for the work environment. Last, what is fall without layers? Denim, knits and leather ended the show, getting us excited for the crisp autumn weather.

Fashion aside, the most upbeat insert to the show were the #TargetStyle dancers. In between each look was an energetic performance; dancers exercised some of the best moves on this end of the East Coast. Rocking out to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky was just one exciting routine. Target knows how to present its audience with an attention-grabbing runway, that’s for sure!

The lifestyle of a fashion blogger is full of beauty and Target has mesmerized all of us this season. #TargetStyle is definitely more than expected; make sure to check out the designs for yourself!