The Kardashians Are Launching a Kids Line…Of Kourse!


Well, it was really only a matter of time before the Kardashians took advantage of the fact that the word kids begins with the letter “k.” The Kardashi-pocalypse kontinues as “Kardashian Kids” becomes a thing.

With three little Kardashian muses running around – all of whom have a penchant for sassy clothes – we’re not surprised that the Kardashian Kollection has given way to a line of kiddie klothes. Perhaps Kim’s interest (or was it Kanye’s?) in Kardashian Kids began with the cute little designer gifts that Nori has received lately.

Whatever the reason for its kreation, it appears that Kardashian Kids is already underway in the social realm, though its official launch is yet to be announced. Follow the line on Twitter (@kkidsofficial) and Instagram (@kardashian_kids) for kontinuing updates. And stay tuned here to find out whether or not the Kardashians will get our O-“K” on this endeavor – after all, it’s all about Keeping Up.