The Laurens, Lauders, and Murdochs Listed on Town & Country’s 50 Most Prominent Families


Gone are the “distinguished old clans” who used to define high society. In their place are a new group of American dynasties.

This month, Town & Country wants you to meet the new guard of prominent families with its first annual ranking of the top 50. Known as the T&C 50, the list names 10 families in each of the following categories: Most Inspiring, Generous, Enduring, Creative, and Powerful. Town & Country's editorial staff and outside contributors initially selected a pool of about 200 families who were scored in each of the categories mentioned above. According to the site, T&C gathered their wealth estimates and researched history, genealogy, and current activities of each family. Then used all of the info gathered to create a composite score and used that to select the 50 families that are most social prominent.

The Mannings, Alis, and Laurens earned spots on the Most Inspiring list. The Gates, Lauders, and Turners are among the Most Generous. The Most Enduring? The Vanderbilts, Rockefellers, and Mellons. The Marsalis, Coppolas, and Joneses are considered among the Most Creative families while the Bushes, Murdochs, and Powells are among the families listed on the Most Powerful list.

You can see the complete list when the May issue hits newsstands April 16th or on