The Lo and Sons OG Bag Might Be The Best Travel Bag Ever


People buy bags for many different reasons. You might buy a bag strictly because it’s stylish, or because it’s super trendy and everyone has one. You might buy a bag because it serves a specific purpose. The best is when form and function come together, creating a trifecta of bag benefits. Fashion, function and the cool kid factor – the Lo and Sons OG Bag has it all. I’ve only traveled with it twice and already I’m wondering where it’s been all my life.

A bit of backstory – I started hearing buzz about Lo and Sons bags from my friends in the travel blogging biz. Worldly wise and experienced in international transit, people I knew with passports full of stamps were talking about this ultimate travel bag that had a compartment for everything they needed. The Lo and Sons bag was designed by Helen Lo, intended to assist her with back pain while she traveled. The business is a family affair, and Helen’s two sons Derek and Jan, quit their day jobs to create their mom’s vision of an ultimate, comfortable travel bag. When I read the backstory, I knew I had to get one.

A great travel bag should be stylish, comfortable, and roomy enough for all of the possessions you’ll need on the road. My Lo and Sons bag has pockets on top of pockets, inside pockets. There’s a padded laptop pocket and a padded tablet pocket. Zipper pockets and open pockets. A side pocket for shoes. The back panel unzips so it’ll slip easily over your suitcase handle. The detachable messenger strap is sturdy and wide, like a car’s seatbelt. Even if you’re lugging a laptop, tablet, magazines, and a giant water bottle (like I usually am), you’ll be able to shoulder the weight as you head to your gate.

One complaint about Lo and Sons bags? They could come in more colors and patterns. My OG bag comes in a festive plum but the other colors are subdued army green, navy and black. The Lo and Sons OMG bag (Overnight And Medium Gym bag, get it?) comes in sky blue as well. Lo and Sons bags range from $120 to $300, and from personal experience I’d say they’re worth it.

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