The “Lo Down” with Lo Bosworth: Lauren Conrad’s DIY Wedding & Her Workout Secrets


Commuters in New York's Grand Central Terminal received a welcome surprise this morning, as Chobani brought Lo Bosworth out to help give away samples of its new Greek Yogurt Oats to #StopSadBreakfast. “I’m a professional chef and I always cook with it,” she explained. “I really like to use Chobani as a substitute for sour cream in savory dishes, and in sweet dishes I add it to desserts to make them more creamy.” Glam caught up with the reality show star turned lifestyle blogger to talk workouts, being a YouTube vlogger, her favorite Instagram account, and, yes, Lauren Conrad's wedding.

As a busy New Yorker, what's your go-to breakfast?

My bodega downstairs started carrying Chobani Oats a while ago. I exercise a ton, so for me, to be able to eat something on the way to the gym is really important.

What's your new workout obsession?

I love SLT. It’s on a megaformer, a modified Pilates machine, so it’s a mix of cardio, Pilates and strength training and it’s just amazing. It’s a great core workout and it’s transforming my body. I started exercising pretty religiously a year ago and I’v always exercised but as I’ve gotten older I realized that exercising and eating well has to become a part of my lifestyle in order to be healthy, so I’m really serious about it now. I exercise 6 days a week. I love spinning, I’ve been spinning for 7 year. I love Akin; whenever I do private events with SoulCycle I always have him teach the class. I just had my birthday party with him last week and I rowed the rabbit up in front of the class with him. My secret dream is to be a spin instructor.

What's your favorite part about running The Lo Down

For me it’s about the feedback. It’s been overwhelmingly positive and people are really embracing what I’m doing so it encourages me to do more. People get the sense I’m a real person and I’m approachable and I practice what I preach. I mean, to be able to put on really awesome outfits and go out and do street photography as a job is pretty awesome.

Why do you love vlogging?

I stated about a year ago. When I first started, I had no idea what I was doing, but now I shoot, edit and make everything myself. It’s really exciting. It’s a good opportunity for me to get back on camera and show my personality in a different way. In the editing room [of reality shows] they decide who you are, so for me having a YouTube lets me show my true personality. I have full control over everything. It’s fantastic to be in the driver’s seat

Who are your three favorite vloggers?

I really like Bubz Beauty, and I’ve always been a Michelle Phan fan. I started watching her years ago when she was first doing Lady Gaga beauty tutorials. I also really like Funny or Die.

Who's your favorite Instagrammer?

Eva Chen! I’ve been considering over the past couple days what my Eva Chen pose would be and when I do it I’m totally tagging her in it. The caption is gonna be “My best Eva Chen.”

Did you see anything at LC's wedding you want to replicate for your own?

She did a bunch of DIY at her wedding, and it was amazing, but girlfriend worked so hard for so many days on making that stuff and I just don’t know if I have the patience for it. It was so beautiful. Every piece of china and silver wear was different and unique, every cup and flower and vase. It was really fun. She was a blushing glowing bride. She looked HOT.

Let's hear about the new short 'do.

I’ve been in New York almost three years now and I decided the long California blonde had to go. When you get back into fall everyone starts wearing their best outfits again so I wanted a great look for fall. I loved it immediately. I was terrified, but as soon as it happened, I loved it.