The Naked Truth: The Lipstick Index’s Shade Switch


While we’re craving color for spring, many across the pond are giving the lipstick index a nearly nude make-under.

The Telegraph looked into what caused nude shades to outpace reds for the first time in three years in the U.K. High street department store Debenhams reported a 62 percent spike so far this year but noted that celebs like Kim Kardashian could be a factor, as Sarah Stern, Debenhams' health and beauty director told The Daily Mail, “Even reality star Kim Kardashian has recently undergone a make-under towards a softer more relaxed appearance I like to call naked make-up.”

Even so, Kim K. gets her cues from Kanye, who, in turn, worships the runway and could have been inspired by the many designers who went for fresh faced looks or strong eyes that need nude lips for balance. Even with the fantastical looks that are synonymous with Paris Fashion Week, Balmain, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, and Dries Van Noten let the clothes speak for themselves for spring with the no-makeup makeup look.

Not only that but fashion fanatics and beauty buffs are getting clued into the season’s upcoming looks as soon as they hit the runway, cutting the time that a trend needs to take off significantly. “Most people are pretty clued up about what's happening on the runway as soon as the show happens,” Aaron Foster, PR manager for House of Fraser told The Telegraph. “And, while they might not be able to 'get the fashion look' for a few months, beauty is different. You can usually find any color, particularly in lipstick, instantly.”

With warm temperatures slowly but surely on the rise, we might have to alternate between bold lipsticks and moisturizing balms.