The Nate Berkus Show: Tips, Tricks, and Inspiring Moments

Earlier this week, I was invited to the all bloggers taping of The Nate Berkus Show. And for obvious reasons, I was elated. Nate Berkus? That guy with endless knowledge about decor, design, and style? Oprah's go-to home makeover man? The adorable guy with an awesome head of hair? Yay! I hadn't seen his new show yet, and was looking forward to watching him in action… Would he be worthy of a coveted spot on my DVR list?

I can now say… Yes! Yes! Yes! The Nate Berkus Show is well balanced with moving, emotional stories and light, comedic moments. On this episode he spoke with the quirky-cool Christian Siriano (love his Payless shoes!) and HGTV Design Star winner Emily Henderson (adore that show, and rooted for her!).

After falling in love with the new show and Nate himself, I decided to not only add it to DVR list, but to do a bit of research on the previous episodes I've missed… So here are a few of my favorite moments. Don't miss The Nate Berkus Show on NBC at 3 pm in NYC. Click HERE to find out more and get your local listings!