The “New Foundation” of Celebrated Barneys Beauty Influencers


Beauty lovers and product obsesseés alike descended on Barneys on Tuesday morning to officially celebrate the launch of The New Foundation at the New York flagship location. Armed with strawberry smoothies and green juices, editors sat down for a decadent conversation with some of the beauty counter's most recognizable names: Terry De Gunzburg, Valery Joseph, Poppy King, Greg Lauren, Frederic Malle, Mila Moursi, Troy Surratt, Jason Ascher and Patrick Foley. Between insight on the new floor from moderator (and Barneys COO) Daniella Vitale, some of the industry's most talented shared stories of their career paths, their first beauty memory, and the one product they'd take with them on a desert island.

For King, the moment she stole her mother's ox blood lipstick and felt the transfer into a superhero feeling was when she knew her path in the world of lip adornment. On the other hand, Joseph took a detour from hair styling to architecture to the Israeli army before returning to his roots.

Though Foley would preemptively make sure to pack 3 Lab Super Cream should he ever find himself stranded on a desert island, Malle opted for a necessity that's a bit more personal – the funniest individual in his life would be his most-needed. In a moment of complete truth, Surratt summed up the manifesto of Barneys new beauty floor by saying, “A lot of beauty lines have rules like always and never. I wanted to approach beauty from an irreverent place.”