The New Pony


A long, sleek pony has been a red carpet staple for years now, but lately we’re been gravitating toward something new and different—the pony is getting messy! Jessica Biel’s pony has that “I just rolled out of bed and look fantastic” style, while Julianne Hough’s pony has volume and Brigitte Bardot–inspired sex appeal. Our new favorite ponytail has volume and effortless waves, and it can be created in a snap. Even if your hair is naturally sleek and straight, you can achieve a messy pony. Spray volumizing spray onto dry hair (the dirtier the better), then muss with your fingers, giving the hair around the crown of your head volume. Pull hair into a tight ponytail toward the crown of your head; if you have bangs, leave them out of the elastic and near your face. Take three-inch sections of hair from the ponytail and loosely curl with a large-barrel curling iron. Using your fingers (not a comb), separate the curls and muss them with your fingers. Spray in some texturing spray. Take your bangs and very loosely wrap them around the curling iron, curling for only about three seconds. Remove them and immediately twist so they keep their loose curl. Voilà! An instant sexy messy pony!