The New York Times Candle Actually Smells Like Newspaper

Some say newspapers are as good as gone, but we beg to differ. We love lounging in bed on Sunday mornings with a Starbucks skinny vanilla soy latte in one hand and The New York Times in the other. It's by far one of our favorite weekly activities—there's something so relaxing and nostalgic about flipping through page after page. Oh, and the scent—there's nothing like the smell of newspaper. Thanks to our friends over at Refinery29, now we know an eco-friendly way to recreate the beloved aroma throughout the week.

Conceptualized by late designer-artist Tobias Wong, The Times of New York candle—such a clever moniker!—mimics the distinct scent of black newsprint ink, thanks to an intricate, heady blend of cedar, musk, spice, and guaiacwood notes.

This limited-edition keepsake is currently available at for $65.