The Newest CoverGirl Is….


Kate Middleton pregnant outfit

Becky G. Don’t know who she is? You will soon!

The 16-year-old triple threat (singer/songwriter/rapper – natch!) is the latest to join CoverGirl’s diverse family of beauties, including Pink, Nervo, Janelle Monae, and Sofia Vergara (to name a few). The little Latina is slated to appear in print and TV ads for the brand latest launches as well as provide a glimpse into her life as a CoverGirl on the brand’s social networks.

The Cali girl is currently working on her EP, Play it Again, working with hitmakers like Dr. Luke and Pitbull while her upcoming album will pull in the likes of, The Jam, Benny Blanco, and much more. Don’t worry about the fame going to her head; she’s still “Becky from the Block,” focusing on achieving her dreams and maintaining her individuality.

“I think it’s really cool that CoverGirl is giving me this opportunity to inspire other girls to work it, own it, love it no matter what you’re like or where you’re from because that’s what being beautiful is all about,” said Becky. “Even when I’m in sweatpants, if I have makeup on, I feel like I can rock the world.”

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