The Newest Way To Cycle In Style


There seems to be a bicycle trend brewing – and, no, it doesn’t involve Citi Bikes orSoul Cycle. Recently, Hermes launched a collection of luxe lightweight carbon fiber bicycles and now, C. Wonder has revealed its take on the picnic-on-wheels. In contrast with the bright blue bikes we see whizzing about the city these days, Hermes’ take is a bit more refined. It’s “simple, efficient, pleasant and elegant,” according to Francois Dore, head of the Hermes Horizons division that worked on the project. It seems that the idea behind this bike was the union of luxury and practicality, but at over $10,000 a pop, you might be hard-pressed to find one roaming the streets of New York (or, well, anywhere) when they get released in November.

An alternative might be the C. Wonder Clos du Bois, which is the creation generated from a partnership between the retailer and Sonoma County winery, Clos du Bois. The his-and-hers bikes come equipped with wicker baskets to hold all of your picnic necessities. These cruisers will be available starting October 21 at select C. Wonder stores for $350 if the stationary bikes at the ever-trendy Soul Cycle just aren’t cutting it. So, perhaps we do have Citi Bike and Soul Cycle to thank for the creation of these upscale, environmentally friendly (dare we say unnecessary?) forms of locomotion. Only, with the price tags that come on these bikes, we’d totally be unwilling to share.