The Nomadic Life: Miami, Florida



If you have talked to us more than once (and really, once may have done it), you know that we freaking love Miami. Like want to marry it and then renew our vows twice a year love it. There is never a bad time to go, but we are partial to January. What better place to rock that whole “new year, new you” glow? Not to mention, it’s cold outside everywhere else.

Roam:Wynwood Arts District
This rehabilitated area is home to many art galleries, shops and restaurants just waiting to be Instagrammed. If you are in town on the second Saturday of the month, be sure to partake in “Second Saturdays,” an art walk filled with music, food and lots of art. Kind like Art Basal only it’s not.

Shop:The Webster
This hotel turned 3-story luxury concept boutique is located in the heart of Miami and houses the best high-end fashion in the city. You’ll probably have to kiss your rent goodbye to buy a Balenciaga suitcase. But hey, worst case scenario you could sleep in it.

Stay:The Edition Hotel
The place has everything. A relaxation room with aromatherapy inhalation in the spa, five innovative bars and restaurants – including a patisserie and a “multi-dimensional entertainment hub” coined The Basement, fit with a micro-club, ice-rink and bowling alley. And that is just about 5% of why it is amazing. Yo, when can we move in?

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