The One Beauty Product Catt Sadler Swears By


E! News correspondent Catt Sadler knows a thing or two about being a woman on the go. We caught up with the wife and mother of two (slash blogger!) during Ford’s Pursuit of a Happy Commute panel featuring Sadler, relationship expert Steve Santagati and Flywheel co-founder Ruth Zukerman to find out just how she’s about to maintain her makeup look as a woman on the go.

And the power is all in the products she carries in her handbag:

“One quick tip for women on the go: I love a product called MAC Strobe,” Sadler told GLAM. “If you do your makeup early in the morning, it dries and gets crease-y. I’ll keep that in my purse and I’ll just squirt out a little bit and dab it all over my first and it makes me look radiant and refreshed. I love it! It gives me a radiant super luminescent look.”

MAC Strobe, we’re adding you to our handbag immediately!