The Online Makeup Shopping Experience


HOW DO YOU SHOP FOR MAEKUP? Do you prefer an in-store experience, and spend time browsing the glass cabinets at your favorite department store or in the immaculate aisles of Sephora or Ulta? Are you a Target beauty fan, or a Walgreens or Duane Reade die hard? Do you need to go in store, or do you mind shopping for makeup online?

Online shopping is where it’s at for everything from books to electronics to apparel. Beauty shopping tends to be a different domain, because purchasing beauty products is so much about touch, texture, scent, and matching specific shades to your skin tone. However there are a few online destinations that have ramped up the online makeup shopping experience to a whole other level. The features on the following websites might make you think again about heading out to the store for lipstick. The new is sleek, image driven, and gorgeous – like a Mashable for makeup. Many other sites allow you to customize your profile with hair, skin and eye color, but L’Oreal’s new online experience makes you linger to read beauty tips, watch videos starring their amazing in-house consultants like Billy B and Johnny Lavoy, and then get all the product recommendations you can handle. Genius. The site is visually arresting, immediately eye-catching, and all about trends. Looking for makeup to match Pantone’s color of the year? Look here. Need some amazing travel sized finds? There’s a link for that. makes finding your makeup favorites an aesthetically rewarding experience. Your favorite makeup artist’s favorite website is also one of the most popular, well reviewed makeup and beauty apps available for iPads and iPhones. Beautylish is a little bit of everything – an online community full of information and tutorials, a well informed destination for product reviews, and a webstore where you can make your wildest makeup dreams come true. If you love shopping for a range of beauty products across price points, then is going to be your new BFF. The beauty product other half of, the site is utilitarian but elegant, and you’re guaranteed to find everything you’re looking for, from cotton swabs to the best fragrances on store shelves.

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