The Only 4 Steps You Need to Humidity-Proof Your Hair


Humidity is a friend to no one’s hair, whether your tresses are long, short, curly, straight, or anything in between. But alas, dealing with less than pleasant weather is part of life, and we’re here to help you look good through whatever Mother Nature dishes. We tapped TRESemmé lead stylist, Tyler Laswell, for his simple, four step process on how your locks can battle the sticky heat…and win.

The basic rule of thumb? “Keep in mind when picking a style for the heat and humidity to think natural, think imperfect,” advises Laswell. “Don't waste a time on a style that calls for a totally different texture than what you already have.”

1) First, find the right style to stand up to the heat.

“If you have thick, curly hair stay away from anyone that says they are going to thin your hair out,” warns Laswell. “This will cause your curls to appear frizzy and disheveled and just downright difficult to manage in the humidity. Stick to round, layered cuts.”

He continues, “For those with thin, fine locks—think medium to short lengths when planning a summer cut. The humidity will cause longer styles to drop quickly and look flat.”

Girls with natural, wavy hair to straight hair are the luckiest of the bunch! “Just about any hairstyle works as long as your embrace the wave,” says Laswell. “A fishtail braid is one of my favorite ways to make your waves evening chic or daytime casual.”

2) Then, mix the right products.

“To refine naturally thick curls I love to mix my creams and my gels together,” says Laswell. “Use a quarter size of TRESemmé Extra Firm Control Gel and two quarters of TRESemmé Flawless Curls Lotion Crème, and spread it evenly through the hair from root to ends. Once you have it evenly distributed through the hair, grab small to medium size sections and twist them so the curls become nice and refined.”

“If you have wavy or straight hair, you need very little to look awesome. One of my favorite cocktails for this texture is 1 part TRESemmé Climate Control Mousse and 1 part TRESemmé Keratin Smooth 7 Day Heat Activated Treatment. The mousse gives a little added fullness to your waves, while the smoothing serum helps to control the unwanted frizz and flyways.”

3) Know what to avoid.

“For those with thick, curly hair stay away from products that are full of alcohol like hair sprays, or mousses. They make the hair appear dry, lifeless, and a little on the stiff side, explains Laswell. “Stick to products that are going to work with the humidity like serums, crèmes, waxes and shine sprays.”

“On the other hand, women with fine hair should avoid using crèmes, serums and or waxes during the summer months. They want to stick to any anti-humectant products like mousses, volume sprays, and finishing sprays.”

3) If all else fails, de-grease.

Avoiding the dreaded greasy look is never easy. When “grease” does happen, the best way to refresh your style is with dry shampoos–there is one for every hair type and texture, recommends Laswell.

And don’t forget to keep a small emergency hair kit in your purse. You can achieve just about any gorgeous summer updo with hairpins and an elastic!