The Part Of Your Body You’ve Forgotten To Protect From The Sun…


Since we’ve stockpiled our drawers with bottles of sunscreen with every SPF and formula under the sun(!) – and now that they’re all almost empty – we’re turning our sun-blocking attention to our hair. It may not be the first thought that comes to mind when preparing for the beach, but we need to do the same to keep our locks luminous and full of life just as much as we need to protect our skin from the sun’s strong rays. Don’t let all the beach, sports, and swimming get the best of your tresses – rejuvenate and protect them with nourishing formulas that are infused with SPF. Like sunscreen, hair products with SPF come in every variety imaginable (think sprays, oils, creams, cleansers, balms, etc.), so there’s no excuse not to spread the sunscreen from head to toe.

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Tammy FenderOmega Rich Hair Cleansing Crème, available at for $45
NioxinSystem 4 Scalp Treatment, available at for $25
MacadamiaHealing Oil Treatment, available at for $39.99
Kiehl’sColor-Protect Shine Infusing Hair Oil Treatment, available at for $25
OrganixMoroccan Argan Oil Shampoo, available at for $8.49
Blow ProTime To Shine 3D Illuminating Mist, available at for $21
Bumble and BumbleColor Minded UV Protective Styling Balm, available at for $28
ShiseidoRefreshing Sun Protection Spray, available at for $30
PhytoPlageProtective Beach Hair Spray, available at for $22
TelaGuardian SPF 18 Sun Protection for Hair and Scalp, available at for $32