The Perfect Base: Dressing Up a Classic White Shirt


Button downPencil Skirt // Altuzarra Pumps // Silver Necklace // Crossbody Satchel // Merona Jacket 

A crisp white shirt is the ultimate style essential when it comes to wardrobe diversity and outfit planning. One classic button down can take your entire outfit to a new level, elevating not only your appearance but also your mood as a powerful woman in and out of the conference room.

Start with a well tailored white button down (ironed to perfection of course) then begin to add in color. For a classic business look, opt for a pencil skirt or midi skirt, with a pop of detail and accent. Stick to solid colors on top, with a solid blazer that fits perfectly across your shoulder. While accessories should be kept to a minimum when it comes to being a #GirlBoss, a statement necklace is a must with a button down of this sort. Top it all off with a leather satchel and pointy sandals that are just high enough but still comfortable enough to walk in.

You'll earn points with you boss for a job well done and you'll earn points with your girlfriends for an outfit that's envy inducing.