The Perfect Outfit to Ride Your Citi Bike in


After much anticipation, New York City’s bike share program is finally in full swing for both yearly subscribers and those with occasional bicycle dalliances! Citi Bike —you know, those blue additions to many street corners — allows anyone (over the age of 16) to rent a bike from one of the 330 docking stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, with daily, weekly, and yearly rates ($9.95, $25, $95, respectively).

Even in a city of multiple transportation options, this is a pretty exciting deal, but begs the question, “What do I wear on the days I want to bike to work?” Perhaps, the outfit we created below can serve as a guide.

1. Cornelia Sunglasses, available at for $180.00.
2. Moon and Lola Isobel Monogrammed Acrylic Bracelet, available at for $93.00.
3. Lillian Glitter Low Wedges, available at for $265.00.
4. Pins and Needles Knit Sweetheart Dress, available at for $49.00
5. 1969 Deconstructed Denim Jacket, available at for $60.95.
6. Grand Prix Classic Helmut, available at for $119.95.
7. Legacy Leather Penny Shoulder Purse, available at for $198.00.