The Return of Arrested Development

Finally, the reunion TV lovers have been waiting for will finally happen- Twice! At the New Yorker Festival's Arrested Development reunion, the show's creator Mitchell Hurwitz revealed plans for a new limited-run series on Showtime catching viewers up on the what the characters have been up to for the last 5 years since the show ended. And the news kept getting better as he also announced that the series would lead into the very VERY long-awaited and promised movie of the beloved comedy.

Hurwitz said the series would be around 10 episodes and each would focus on a different main character from Jason Bateman's Michael Bluth all the way to David Cross' Tobias Funke. In other words, we'll get a really in-depth look at how much- or, let's be honest, how little- has changed for every member of the Bluth family. Hurwitz hopes the series will be fully thought out and partially written for a fall premiere. And worried viewers, here's some comforting news: the entire cast is on board for this unconventional venture. Each of them promised to keep their schedules open which is great news considering many of them have blossoming TV and movie careers.

With all of this exciting news, it's hard not to ask questions about the Bluths' five-year hiatus from the spotlight. Is Buster still afraid of seals and water? What happened to Maeby's movie career? Did Gob finally make it back into the Magicians Alliance? Probably not on that last one. For anyone who hasn't seen the show yet, now's the time to jump on the weird, quirky, hilarious bandwagon. We promise it'll be worth it, especially with these new projects in the works.