The Revlon Expression Experiment

While it’s no secret that us Glam girls are obsessed with makeup, it takes a certain amount of courage and creativity to try a daring new look. Beauty trends like red lips, bushy brows, pastel-frosted eyelids, colored liner, and neon nails tend to be uncharted territory for women who swear by their own foolproof makeup routine. Revlon’s Expression Experiment is a new social engagement movement that pushes women beyond their cosmetic comfort zone. This interactive movement promotes self-expression and discovery by way of makeup with monthly challenges, expert encouragement and tips, product suggestions, and access to view challenge results from other participants. So for those of us who’ve been meaning to try a bold lip look forever but haven’t really gotten around to it, the Expression Experiment is our chance to actually go ahead and just do it. Get in on the challenge now by testing fresh shades, trying awesome new products, and learning different techniques to take your everyday makeup look from repetitive to revolutionary!

To start experimenting, go to Revlon's Facebook page.