The Royal Wedding Cake

Love is sweet… and grand. And William and Kate's incredible wedding cake will not disappoint on April 29th. The regal couple will celebrate their nuptials with a traditional, multi-tiered floral-themed fruitcake that's pleasing to the eye and the tummy. Created by baker-extraordinaire Fiona Cairns, each layer of the icing-covered brandy-flavored fruitcake will feature a different theme. Detailed piping will form 3D scrollwork, leaves, and other decorative accents. The flowers of the four corners of the U.K. will be represented by the English rose, Scottish thistle, Welsh daffodil, and Irish shamrock. The royal confection will also feature William and Kate's new cipher which will be unveiled on their big day. Cairns has already started baking the cake since it takes four full weeks to mature.

*Getty Images