The Ruffian Boys Talk Nail Designs, Date Night, and Everything in Between


Oh Ruffian boys, we'd let you dress us for days! How chic we'd be in your edgy aesthetic with that romantic twist, and we know you'd make sure we had a killer mani to match!

A girl can dream, right?

Though they have yet to agree to be our personal stylists here at Glam, Brian Wolk and Claude Morais did give us the scoop on their nail art, their cold weather essentials, “ruff” Fridays, and even shared some Valentine's Day ideas for us last minute planners.

On completing the look
The boys like to say that the Ruffian lady grew up uptown, lives downtown, but will head back in the other direction for a show. She's luxurious and unique, and as a result of Wolk and Morais's line of Ruffian lacquers, she's never without an amazing set of nails. “It's something that we almost always talk about first. We really look at them as an accessory and we really get into the color and the shape,” explains Morais. “We work with Cheryl Natoliwho is our nail artist and our everything to us.”

On their polar vortex must-haves
“Kiel's lip balm,” Morais begins. “My fur coat,” suggests Wolk. “And my cashmere Hermes scarf that I have been wearing so much my beard has broken the edge,” Morais adds. Now that's a first world, cold weather problem we can all sympathize with. 

On “Ruff” Fridays
If you follow the fashionable duo on Instagram, you'll notice that Wolk and Morias will post a painting from the 16th or 17th century almost every Friday in which the subject flaunts an elaborate ruff collar, a popular style of the age.”Ruffian was started doing ruff collars,” says Wolk. “It started with ruff collars and grew into an entire line, so 'ruff Fridays' are an homage to our past.” The quirky detail made a comeback this week, with it appearing again during their fall 2014 NYFW runway show.

On the perfect date this Valentine's Day
“Mr Chow, uptown, dinner for two!” exclaims Morais. “Or make some great pasta and red sauce at home,” suggests Wolk. Would both people be cooking? “Absolutely. Everything is collaborative at Ruffian!”