The Scoop on Sparkle: Diamond Trends of 2013


While we emulate the fashion and beauty styles seen on the runway each season, the clothing and makeup industries aren't the only ones with yearly tendencies. Stop by any premier jewelry center and they'll tell you that diamonds–yes diamonds–have had their own trend journey over the years too.

The primary style seen in 2013 came as a result of some fashionable twists the leader of diamond trends, Forevermark, made on the traditional halo form. It was the norm for this classic setting to have a smaller center and bigger halo. Forevermark decided to switch that around. The new must-have look was jumpstarted by their Center of My Universe Collection, which aimed to celebrate the singular woman, as represented by a larger middle diamond, and the things that celebrate and complement her, represented by the surrounding, smaller pave-diamond halo. The halo's role, they concluded, is to add to the center jewel's natural sparkle, not to steal the show. With The Center of My Universe diamonds detailing their red carpet looks, Giuliana Rancic at the Emmy Awards, Zooey Dechanel at the Met GalaHayden Panettiere at the Golden Globes, and Amy Poehler at the SAG Awards all sparkled in the trend this year.

According to the diamond professionals at Steve Padis Jewelry Plus, away from the red carpet, the new halo trend ruled the engagement sphere as well. Keen for a strong center diamond surrounded by a smaller pave circle, bauble buyers on their way to the alter were most likely to choose a round or princess cut. Smart thinking–both shapes allow the maximum light in for the a glistening ring at the most affordable price. Vintage cuts, however, including marquise, pear, and emerald, seem to be making a resurgence, as is yellow gold detailing. Just look at the engagement rings picked out this year by Zoe Saldana, Ciara, and Christina Milian–each feature the comeback looks in a contemporary and stylish way.