The Top 10 Things to Do During Hurricane Sandy

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HURRICANE SANDY IS TAKING THE EAST COAST BY STORM. It's important that you stay safe, but being stuck at home doesn't mean you're sentenced to days of boredom. Use this as an opportunity to relax, unwind, and accomplish the things you never have a chance to do. Here are 10 ways to keep yourself entertained and productive throughout Frankenstorm:

Continuously refresh your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds for laughs and some important news updates. Read the good ones aloud. For now, most posts are humorous in nature. Check frequently for gratuitous shots of empty supermarket shelves, empty wine bottles, and countless photos of absurd provisions.

Read a book. Yes an actual book. Why risk it on a Kindle or iPad that might run out of power. Reserve your electronic devices for more important things. .

Organize your closet. Get your life in order. Just because you don’t have to be at the office tomorrow doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be productive. .

Wear leggings. This is one of the few times where it’s actually acceptable to wear leggings as pants especially since you probably won’t be leaving the house.

Learn to cook: Takeout probably won’t be an option for the next 36 hours and as long as you’ve got power you might as well try your culinary chops. We recommend roasting a chicken or boiling an egg, Both will last and taste good at any temperature so even if the electricity goes out, you’ll have solid protein options to consume. Way better than the countless bags of chips, you’re bound to devour in the storm.

Check in on your relatives. Call your parents, siblings, grandparents, in-laws, children, aunts, uncles and cousins to make sure everyone is ok. It’s an opportune time to catch up.

Stay with friends, relatives, or lovers. Just first ask yourself if you’ll be ok getting stuck with them for an indefinite amount of time. If not, leave now.

Workout. Planks, crunches, lunges and leg lifts can all easily be done from the comfort of your hurricane headquarters. Besides, you have to counteract the sugar high somehow.

Bring on the Romance. The candles are lit and you’ve stocked up on libations, sounds like the perfect time to cuddle.

Educate yourself on the 2012 presidential candidates. The election is right around the corner and over the next few days you might want to figure out who you’re voting for.