The Triple Double OREO Event: A Slam Dunk

OREO introduced the Triple Double OREO Cookie to NYC this week, and now it’s available in stores nationwide. To celebrate the launch of this delectable cookie triple layer cookie, OREO held a special event with Team DSRL (Double Stuf Racing League) members, Shaquille O’Neal and Venus Williams.

Venus faced off against Shaq and Stufy, the DSRL mascot in tennis, but they were no match for her skills. There was some smack talk shared, but all in good fun of course.

Shaq showed off his spectacular basketball skills and even had a little fun by bringing in a human prop (a photographer) for one of the shots he attempted. The photographer was there to try and block, but Shaq made the shot as did Venus. He walked away with a win and coined the ‘Triple Double’ shot.

Last up was the Triple Double OREO Cookie Lick race. Shaq’s team mastered the twist, lick and dunk skills to walk away with another win. Venus’ team wanted a rematch!