The Ultimate Time Saver: TRESemme Fresh Start Refreshing Mist

We have more long nights—or should we say early mornings—than we care to admit. And by long nights, that means dragging our tired, fabulous asses home at dawn (cc Carrie Bradshaw) when we have to work the next morning. It's all we can do to plop in bed to catch 4 of our recommended 40 winks, hop in the shower to rinse yesterday away, and dress ourselves in something that isn't too wrinkled. (Which is a lot, we might add. Our fellow party girls can certainly attest to this.)

Washing our hair isn't always an option, thanks to our hard-to-tame kinky curls. Which of course blows, as party-hair (a.k.a. strands that absolutely positively reek of cigarette smoke—even though we aren't smokers!) is a dead giveaway of last night's antics. Thankfully lathering up isn't our only option, as TRESemme Fresh Start Refreshing Mist never fails tosave the day.

Formulated with citrus extracts, a few spritzes of this wonder spray detangles your tresses while completely eliminating odors and adding shine. It's a must-have for keeping your mane looking and feeling fresh between shampoos.

Pick up a bottle at for $4.79.

Oh, and you can thank me later.