The Vegas Vdara Snakeskin Pedicure. Would You Try It?


Pedicures are awesome in principle, just as they are. Think about it. You get to sit in a massaging chair, dunk your feet in warm, bubbly water, and be pampered as someone else scrubs your feet and paints your toenails. It’s a decadent indulgence. But for some spas, the simple pedicure isn’t enough. Oh no. They’ve gotta up the ante. They’ve gotta take the standard pedicure and remix it into something extra and over the top.

How do you make something as awesome as a pedicure, even more awesome? One high end Las Vegas spa believes they’ve found a way. The Spa & Salon Vdara in the exclusive Vdara resort is now offering snakeskin pedicures. Yes, you read that right.

The nail art was inspired by the hot runway trends—animal prints remain huge and now snakeskin print is emerging everywhere from jeans to accessories and shoes. Now you can get 100% authentic snakeskin affixed to your toes for extra glam. And this is all humanely done, no snakes are harmed in the creation of this one of a kind nail art. This is naturally shed snakeskin. Those who still aren’t comfortable with snakeskin on their toenails can have the same pedicure with faux snakeskin for $15 more.

Why is this a pedicure, and not a manicure? It turns out that snakeskin is too thick for fingernails but it works great on the toes. Just in time for flip flop season!

Just because your toes will have a reptilian finish, that doesn’t mean your feet have to follow suit. The Vdara also offers some awesome sounding Skin Soothing Serenity treatments, where your skin will be rehydrated with all natural, high end, spa quality ingredients. The Caramel & Bourbon Body Polish sounds ridiculously decadent. It’ll cost you $95 for 25 minutes of bliss. The Vdara’s snakeskin pedicure—using real, naturally shed snakeskin—will run you $200.

Would you try it?

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