The World According to Karl Finally…


French publisher Flammarion is doing something that should have happened a long time ago: creating a book of Karl Lagerfeld’s quotes. Titled The World According to Karl, the book is made up of 160 pages, dedicated to The Kaiser’s best quotes complete with illustrations by Charles Amerline.

Though he didn’t help with the book—besides you know, the sometimes ridiculous things that come out of his mouth—Women’s Wear Dailyis reporting that he isn’t unhappy with the compilation.

Lagerfeld has really said some whoppers in his day: criticizing Adele, Pippa Middletown, the idea of marriage, and when to give the middle finger so how Flammarion was able to determine what the ‘best’ quotes are is beyond us. We have to wait until September to see what they chose when the book hits shelves in both French and English.