These 5 Bad Beauty Habits Will Catch Up With You

These little things may seem insignificant, but if you’ve ever wondered why that one pimple won’t go away or those wrinkles never seem to diminish, read on so you can STOP …

… Touching Your Face

Do you have any earthly idea how dirty your fingers are? Apparently there are more than 150 bacteria living on each hand at any given moment. Things that make you go hmm—perhaps that explains that patch of persistent pimples.

… Pulling Your Eyes to Apply Eyeliner

We get it—you want the line to be just perfect. But if you don’t cease and desist your tug-and-draw routine ASAP, you’ll have plenty of other lines (ahem, wrinkles) popping up there as well.

… Popping Your Pimples

Speaking of popping, save pimple popping for the dermatological experts. Squeezing whiteheads and blackheads with your germy fingers will only make matters worse and will often leave a reminder behind. Hello, blemishes!

… Cutting Your Cuticles

Snipping the delicate skin around your nails with sharp scissors or softening them with a quick warm-water soak and then gently push them back? If both yield the same result, which process would you choose? Don’t bother answering that. We already know which you’d choose.

… Not Removing Your Makeup

Falling into bed while still wearing foundation, blush, bronzer, etc., every once in a while is excusable, but as a consistent habit? Absolutely not. To keep your complexion clear and your skin supple for the long run, remove every bit of makeup, dirt, and oil before you slumber. And change your pillowcase once a week for good measure.