Things We Love: Summer Dresses

We're not kidding when we say that one of our favorite things about summer is a fabulous sundress. There's something about bright, crisp material against sun-kissed skin (faux tanner, of course) that makes everyone look gorgeous. A chic sundress reminds us of barbecues, warm summer nights, swimming pools, and being outside with the ones you love. Check out some of our favorite dresses—you'll be wearing them all summer long.

  • 1. River Island Diagonal-Stripe Midi Dress, $42
  • 2. Mona Dress by Dee & Ray, $64
  • 3. Alice & Olivia Shari Off-Shoulder Dress, $367
  • 4. UO Reverse Knit Watermelon Dress, $69
  • 5. Anthropologie Novella Strapless Dress, $158