This Celeb Style Trend Boasts a Crop Top, Sweat Pants, and Confusion


Remember when velour sweatsuits were a thing? Well we may have made it out of 2005 but there's a new lounge look trend on the horizon. The crop-top pullover and sweatpants combo has been making its way around the celebrity style circle these last few months, Rihanna being a two time offender. She wore an Adidas version in June, and was most recently rocking a printed style of the two piece look during her trip to Poland this week to see the Kings of Leon perform. Our two favorite platinum haired performers are in on the trend as well– Miley Cyrus and Pink have both been spotted donning belly baring hoodies with matching workout pants on the bottom.

We at Glam are all for innovative style, forward thinking fashion, and celebrity prompted trends, but this look has us stumped. Before we start slashing our sweatshirts, it's important to get a handle on how to wear this pairing appropriately. It doesn't seem that any of the ladies rocking the look were headed to the gym – Rihanna even styled heels with one of her sweat outfits. So is this sporty look something we can get away with rocking on a day to day basis – an edgy, different, and glam take on a traditionally casual style? What do you think?