This is Who Rosario Dawson will Play on Netflix’s Daredevil


Just call Rosario Dawson a woman of the night.

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In June we learned that the Sin City alum would be lending her talents to Marvel and Netflix’s original series Daredevil, as “a dedicated young woman whose quest to heal the wounds of Hell’s Kitchen brings Matt Murdock [Daredevil] unexpectedly crashing into her life.” Now, that dedicated young woman has a name: Claire Temple, a “nurse who works at night.”

This is where things get tricky.

In 1972, Marvel introduced Night Nurse as Linda Carter, who gave heroes medical attention pro bono while concealing their true identities. As the series evolved, we learned that Carter was not a nurse, but in fact, a doctor. Temple, on the other hand, was first conceived by the late Archie Goodwin as the wife of Bill Foster/Goliath. She, too, was initially describe as a nurse, but would later go on to become a doctor; but she wasn’t referred to as a night nurse in any Marvel universe… until now? Two names, two nurses, two eventual doctors… and one Rosario Dawson. Dun, dun, dun!

Dawson as Claire Temple will make her Netflix debut when tending to an unmasked Daredevil in May 2015. Hopefully, a love story ensues.