This Is…How Icona Pop Pampers


From sets complete with neon lights to on-stage spaceships, any Icona Pop performance is pretty much promised to be a party. But besides their epic tunes that we can’t get out of our heads and their rave-like shows, it’s refreshing to learn that these Swedish ladies are some of the chillest pop stars on the scene. Well, maybe that was just because we caught them in the pedicure chair thanks to Z100 and KTU's spa day with their on-air contest winners. Regardless, their crazy on-stage personas subsided to realness when we asked them about their personal style and beauty routines. While Aino chose a totally nude gel mani, Caroline opted for a rich burgundy with a clear half-moon design. Hip, laid back, and effortless describes both their manicure choices and their outlook on beauty and style. Basically, to quote the duo, we love it.

Q: What’s your everyday style like?

Aino: It’s always different, and I usually use stuff a lot for a period and then I change it out. Right now, I use a lot of hoodies. It’s all about mixing: the masculine with the feminine, preppy with the punk. We share when it comes to clothes, and because we have totally different bodies, everything looks so different on us. Caroline and I say that that applies to the music we make as well: it’s all a mix of punk, pop, electro. It’s about mixing and twisting things. We’re not very good at following certain trends, we just try to put on what we feel cool in. And some pieces, we like to say, have super powers, like our leather jackets. You can have on the ugliest pants but when you put on the leather jacket, you’re like, 'I’m here, come get me.'

Q: How you use fashion and beauty in you performances?

Caroline: It changes a lot depending on how we feel, but now we have our stage outfits that we feel a little bit like superheroes in. Beauty changes a lot – sometimes you want to have fun with makeup and experiment a lot and sometimes you’ll just put on a red lip and go out there. And sometimes you curl your hair and sometimes you don’t. But it’s very important that one hour before the show, we just go into our world. Right now we’re listening to desert blues, and then we like to just calm down, find our center, and then we go more into the techno world closer to the performance.

Q: What are your personal beauty routines like?

Aino: I’m pretty bad, I’ll be honest. The healthiest thing is to drink a lot of water, that’s number one. It’s so important to have a good day and night cream. That’s a savior since we fly a lot and we have a lot of makeup on when we do shows. It’s important to have something good to take all the makeup off. I use Fresh, it’s a good brand for day cream, and then I use oil at night. It’s really good to use at night – you look like a baby’s bum.

Caroline: When it comes to taking care of my skin, I just try to use organic products and moisturize a lot because we travel so often. I’ll get a good facial once in a while, and always take off the makeup after stage, even though it’s boring. In my free time, I usually don’t wear any makeup. If I’m suddenly [going somewhere], I just put on a lip. I don’t feel like I need makeup. Of course, some days I put on a lot. It’s a mix but when I’m not doing anything special, I’m always without makeup.

Q: What are your must-have beauty products?

Caroline: I love the foundation from Armani, it’s just so good. I have freckles, so it covers but they still shine through, and I don’t look like I have a cake on my face! My mascara is 'Eyes To Kill,' also by Armani. I always try to keep my nails fun – especially because we play instruments, and if they zoom in on your hands, sometimes you’re like 'What? Did I look like that?' It can be a nude color, but I still try to keep them okay. I’ve been using a very good facial and cleanser from Boscia. The brand is all organic, so I love that.

Aino: Yes, the Armani foundation is killer. I usually like to look like I don’t have any makeup on. It’s really hard to find makeup that makes you look like you’re not wearing any, but Armani’s foundation melts into your skin. [When I do my makeup], I put on foundation, eyeliner—Armani has amazing waterproof eyeliner that’s perfect for when you’re on stage sweating—and red lipstick, then I’m ready to go. Well, maybe blush! But, then again, you can just use the red lipstick [for that]!