Tiffany & Co’s $20,000 Frank Gehry Bangles

Frank Gehry is easily one of the world's most important architects and visionaries. His inspired and innovative architecture has been influencing the design world for decades. And thanks to his collaboration with Tiffany & Co., fans of his “deconstuctivist” style, have been able to own a piece of his aesthetic in the form of rock vases for the home and star rings for the hand. For Fall 2011, Gehry is offering true collectors a one-of-a-kind creation in the form of unique hand-painted Torque bangles. But owning a bit of his touch won't come cheap, each bracelet is priced at $20,000.

But who could afford to spend that much on a painterly piece? Should those marriage rumors be true, Brad Pitt may want to forgo the traditional diamond in favor of of one of these. It makes sense for Pitt, who is a longtime fan and collaborator of Gehry's, to present a wearable work of art to his bride Angelina Jolie.

We can't wait to see which style setter rocks one first!