Tiffany’s Little Blue Box Heads to the Big Screen


The man who brought to life the magic behind the windows at a legendary New York department store with Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's, is focusing his historic lens on the business behind the little blue box: Tiffany & Co.

“From the trophy being hoisted at the Super Bowl, to the masterpieces adorning celebrities on the Oscar red carpet, all the way down to the design of the dollar in my pocket, the Tiffany & Co. reach is just so vast,” said director Matthew Miele. “We’re in production over 6 months now, and we’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of a story that is just so rich. Whether it’s focusing on the Tiffany family one day, to following the priceless Tiffany Diamond to China, or documenting how a master craftsmen handmade a classic Schlumberger design, it is all dramatic and inspiring.”

In his upcoming documentary, Miele’s upcoming film seeks to capture how Charles Lewis Tiffany and the people behind the scenes transformed a small stationery and gift shop into the global phenomenon known as Tiffany & Co.

Expect the little blue box to come to a big screen near you in Spring 2015.