Time-Saving Tips for Preparing Weeknight Meals

Time-Saving Tips for Preparing Weeknight Meals

Monday through Friday is a blur. You’re juggling work, family, and everything in between. You have bills to pay, kids to clothe, and chores to complete. It’s a wonder you even get food on the table every night. Make your life a little simpler by following these five time-saving tips. Dinner is served! —Lauren Barth

Create a Menu for the Week
Take a little time on Sunday to prepare a meal menu for the upcoming week. What will you be serving Monday through Friday? Determining this beforehand will save you time and trouble in the days to come. Go grocery shopping on Saturday or Sunday and stock up on all the necessary ingredients.

Prep Ahead of Time
Before you go to bed each night, do a little prep work for the following evening’s dinner. Wash and chop your veggies and store them in containers, defrost your meat, and put aside the ingredients you’ll need for cooking. These seemingly small details will make a big difference.

Avoid a Pileup
Cooking and serving dinner wouldn’t half be so bad if it didn’t leave you with a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. Lessen your load by using Dixie Ultra paper plates instead. They’re 10 times stronger than plain paper plates and have an exclusive soak-proof shield that prevents foods from soaking through—so you’ll never have to worry about making a mess and creating more work for yourself.

Order In
Sometimes you just need a night off. Don’t beat yourself up—you’re still a great mom! Order a pizza, then mix up a simple salad so family members still get their greens. It’s easy and affordable. And you won’t hear the kids or the hubby complain! Don’t forget to serve it on your Dixie paper plates. Now kick up your feet and enjoy an oven-free evening.

Get the Family Involved
Believe it or not, it’s okay to ask for some help. And the saying “too many cooks in the kitchen” doesn’t always apply. Let your husband and kids in on the action. Create a theme for the evening (like spaghetti night or taco Tuesday!) and have them pitch in. Making dinner a family affair is what it’s all about.