Tip Talk: Tom Bachik on J. Lo, NYFW, and Nailing Spring’s Hottest Looks


Tom Bachik puts the “man” in manicure, both literally and figuratively. With Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Moore, Heidi Klum, and many more on his roster, the L’Oréal Paris’s global nail ambassador has had his pulse on new nail art trends as they happen. With NYFW, awards season, and its array of incredible nail looks behind us, we caught up with the mani master to get his take on the trends from the runway and the red carpet as well as find out his what his craziest nail art look is.

What has been the craziest nail look you've created?

Jennifer Lopez had a big performance in Japan, so I created a very intricate mixed media nail look. On one hand, we painted “J LO” in a bright, rainbow ombré. Then, the other hand incorporated cherry blossom flowers, a heart, and we loosely incorporated the Japanese flag. On both hands, we incorporated glitter and little silver studs. It was a lot going on, but it all worked together beautifully.

What has been your favorite backstage moment?

In my line of work, I've been blessed with so many great backstage moments; I don't know if I can choose an all time #1! But, I have to say my favorites are when I can share them with my family. The one that instantly comes to mind is my first season on American Idol with Jennifer Lopez. For the season finale, I was able to bring the whole family behind the scenes to meet Steven, Randy, and the whole team! Then, they got to see the show! It was amazing. Priceless.

What nail trends do you see popping up for spring and runway trends for fall?

For spring 2015, I’ve been seeing a lot of bold stripes, tonal band looks, and florals. As nail looks are much more off the cuff and are largely influenced by fashion, I can’t say exactly what we’ll be seeing for fall 2015, but I’m excited for it!

What has been your favorite nail look so far this season?

I am loving floral for spring. I like both soft, pretty flowers and also the more abstract interpretation – swatches of layered colors and dry brush patterns.

What is the number one mistake most make when it comes to nail art?

The grouping of colors can make or break a design. When it comes to nail art, a lot of times I see really cool designs but the color combination throws the entire look off.

We know that you create shades for some of your favorite clients, what are some of you favorite mixes?

I actually do a lot of custom color creation for my clients for different events. Specifically, I layer a lot of nudes to make the shades lighter/darker or cooler/warmer depending on my client’s skin tone, outfit, event and what we want to focus on. Additionally, I also like to play with mixing different reds. Sometimes, I’ll layer a red over a gold or a metallic black to give the shade a different dimension/depth and give the color a different feel.

What's the number one item in your nail kit?

Hands down – L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil. I use it both before and after manicures to keep nails, cuticles and skin moisturized. I also give it to clients for them to use on nails at night before bed.

What would you put in your Fashion Week survival kit?

Nail tips/extensions; adhesive tabs so models can remove nails after show; full range of colors; empty bottles to custom mix polishes; L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Glow Renewal Facial Oil; and lots of top coat.

Images courtesy of Tom Bachik's Instagram