Tips for Taking the Perfect Selfie


It's official. Selfie is 2013’s word of the year. Oxford dictionary defines selfie as: (n.) a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or a webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

What makes selfie 2013’s defining word, over, say, twerk? “Selfie made it into countless headlines about celebrities and political scandals,” Timereported. “It became the crux of museum exhibits dedicated to examining this modern form of digital expression.”

Yup, that sounds like selfie is here to stay. And to ensure that you’re doing it right, here are a few tips from the best—photographers Lydia Hudgens, Patrick McMullan, and Billy Farrell. So go on, channel Kim Kardashian with a selfie.

Lydia Hudgens, Lydia Hudgens Photography

“I don’t think I’m good at it! I don’t like to smile because I feel like my smile always looks like a grimace, and I look like I’m smirking so I always do what they call duck lips. People rip me apart for this. So I haven’t been doing too much of them; I started a few more and then I just started to feel weird about it. I think the biggest thing with selfies is to make them kind of quirky and funny or very like strategic. Play with angles, having a full-sized mirror is probably like huge. And not to make duck lips.”

Patrick McMullan, Patrick McMullan

I think they’re really cute if you’re good at it, I’m not very good at it. I’m not interested in pictures of myself. I call that 'fauxtography' anything with a cellphone camera. I think I coined that, it’s real photography but people will say things like we don’t want any photographers in the party and then you get in there and everyone has their cell phones out snapping pictures. People think that doesn’t count? I think selfies are cute though, especially when you’re naked.”

Billy Farrell, BFA

“Don’t do it! In this day and age, there are two many of them out there, people are going to look back on these days and be like what the hell were people thinking.”

… Farrell may be right, and time will tell, but if you can’t beat them, join them!