Title IX: Celebrating 40 Years of Female Ferocity on the Field

For this generation, it seems like “Girl Power” is something that came along with the likes of Madonna and the Spice Girls. But it all really began on June 23, 1972 with the passing of Title IX. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the revolutionary piece of legislation that both shaped (women’s and men’s) athletics and altered the course of history. To honor this milestone, the NCAA developed a documentary called “Sporting Chance” that will air on ESPN2 on June 23. It celebrates the men and women who developed and enforced Title IX, as well as female athletes who have reaped its benefits over the years.The documentary shows that Title IX wasn’t just something that changed sports – it changed the role of women in society as a whole, granting them more opportunities in the workplace and on the playing field. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without Title IX,” explained young golf star Cheyenne Woods. “I’m so appreciative of everything that all of these women have done and I hope to become a part of it and help females continue to be a part of athletics.”

Athletes Billie Jean King, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Summer Sanders and Cheyenne Woods attended the premiere of the documentary; they made up a panel that spoke about how Title IX impacted their own lives and careers and how they believe it has shaped our world. These four legendary athletes all agreed that Title IX continues to present women with an enormous opportunity, and they attribute their own greatness to being able to take advantage of that.