Toasting The Weinstein Company With Blinging Moet Magnums

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The Weinstein Company is once again the toast of the town. With a slew of nominated films in nearly every category, it's surely going to be an exciting Golden Globes night for Harvey & Co.

In anticipation of the awards, members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and a slew of stars, including Kerry WashingtonAmy AdamsJennifer Lawrence, Bradley CooperChristoph WaltzJoaquin PhoenixHarvey WeinsteinDon Johnson and Chris Tucker, gathered Saturday night at Mr. C in Beverly Hills to celebrate.And no fete would be complete without a suffiecient amount of bubbly and Moët & Chandon, the official Champagne of the Globes for the past 22 years, definitely delivered. Moët honored the nominees with Swarovski adorned magnums of Imperial Brut-- Django Unchained, The Master, and Silver Linings Playbook all got the proper bling treatment. Cheers to that!