Today’s Trend, Yesterday’s Wardrobe: Sale Season


It is literally one of my favorite times of the year – end of the season sale time! It’s that magical time where every brick and mortar and online boutique is clearing out their merchandise to get ready for the following season. Most people shop the sales now and save the clothing for next year (when the weather’s right) but I am here to tell you that you can wear those trends this season and next season.

I am the season-less wonder – and it’s not because I live in season-less city. I believe that clothing should be worn year-round. Forget about items being “so last season” if you love it, wear it because there is always a way to make your favorite pieces current.

I’ve been scouting the sales from my favorite stores and have some key pieces that will take you through to the next season.

end of season sale

Black skinny jeans // Animal print dress // Peplum top // Ankle booties

Basic black bottoms: You can never go wrong with a pair of black skinny jeans, black slacks, or a skirt. If you find a pair on sale in your size, scoop it up with no regrets because that garment will last you a lifetime.

Animal print: Let me set the record straight… Animal print is a classic print and it will never go out of style. If you run across an animal print anything in a classic cut, you have yourself a deal that shouldn’t be passed by.

Peplums: Ah, the trend that won’t die. The peplum has been around for a while and it will definitely be around next season. So pick one up on sale and pile on a layer or two to make it fall appropriate.

A fun pair of shoes: I’m sorry but crazy fun shoes never go out of style. It’s difficult to justify the purchase when the shoes are full price but when they are on sale? Game on. Just make sure they are closed toe, that way you can wear them into the fall.

Happy shopping!

Lauren Messiah, is a Los Angeles based stylist and the creator of, a blog about designer deals, the hottest trends, and Lauren’s life as a fashion stylist.Lauren styles some of Hollywood’s most successful women in entertainment, celebrities, fashion editorials, and national ad campaigns. Lauren has been featured in Marie Claire, Vogue Italia, Grazia, WWD, OK! Magazine and Health Magazine.