Tom Ford Misses Rihanna’s Instagrams Too


Ever since Rihanna’s Instagram account was deactivated, our feeds have truly been lackluster. Kimye aside, there’s just really nothing to talk about if Rihanna’s not posting provocative selfies or awesome (and equally provocative) campaign shots. The photo-sharing app has allowed us to tap into the lives of people we don’t know and understand their style easily; in turn, we can share our own images with our followers—and whether or not they’re genuinely interested doesn’t even matter.

Designer Tom Ford called it like it is, thus reminding us how much we’re missing out on since @badgalriri has been excommunicated from the Instagram community. Ford, who will be receiving the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award next week, spoke to about who influences the fashion industry and how. Ford goes out on a limb to suggest that Instagram simply wields more power in fashion than any print publication or website, no matter how well written or beautifully curated. “Something new is happening that I’m just clueing into now—this probably won’t go down well—but customers don’t care any more about reviews or hard-copy publications. They care what picture Rihanna just Instagrammed while she’s naked in bed, what new shoes she has on, how she’s talking about them. That’s what they respond to.” And that’s the way the Valencia-filtered-cookie crumbles.