Top 5 Must-Have Chic and Colorful Pieces for Fall


If you’ve finally mustered the enthusiasm to leave your college dorm, city apartment, or suburban home to head out for a quick errand, the dress code calls for the same requirements—comfy, casual, and practical. After all, you’ll be back on the couch as soon as you return! On your next coffee break, or whatever you’re running out for, skip the jeans and jacket for cozy, fuss-free pieces that look appropriate for the world beyond your sofa, will keep you warm in the crisp autumn weather, and look stylish in case you run into your babe of a neighbor. We’ve put together the perfect outfit for the occasion with help from the comfiest, brightest pieces at Aerie. Can we hear it for teal? Chic polka-dot yoga pants, the softest tank you’ll ever try, and a lined cocoon-style sweater for over the top are your new best friends. Jazz up your pony with some colorful ties, and keep your toes warm with sparkly polka-dot socks before you step out.

1. Aerie Pocket Hi-Lo Tank, available at American Eagle for $19.95
2. Aerie Cozy Cocoon, available at American Eagle for $49.95
3. Aerie Yoga Hairbands, available at American Eagle for $9.95
4. Aerie Yoga Boot Pants, available at American Eagle for $24.99
5. Aerie Crew Socks, available at American Eagle for $7.95