Top Get-Glam Tips From the Pros at L’Oreal Paris

While everyone else spent their Sunday watching the Emmy Awards from the comfort of their home, we spent the afternoon lounging in the exclusive HBO/L'Oreal Paris Luxe Beauty Suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Stars from True Blood, The Office, Dancing With the Stars, The Bachelorette, etc… stopped by to get primped from head to toe for their turn on the red carpet. Delish Chambord cocktails circled the room while guests indulged in manicures, massages, makeup, hairstyling, men's grooming… the works.

We briefly chatted with the L'Oreal Paris touch-up team (after we were treated to makeup and a manicure!), and asked them to share their tips on how the everyday woman can red-carpet ready in mere minutes. Time to take notes, ladies…

Makeup artist Christine Nguyen (pictured left):

“False eyelashes are great for popping the eyes. Start with a soft eyeshadow and then add short and medium-length individual lashes at the corners [of your eyes] and in-between your lashes, wherever you feel you might need them.

And use a great cheek color (blush). You can wear it with a strong eye, and you can wear it with a soft eye… it adds dimension and color and makes the face look fresh.”

Hairstylist Christophe Saluzzo (pictured center):

“Wash and set your hair onto velcro rollers, then blow-dry. Let your hair cool off on the rollers while you shower, do your makeup, and get dressed. When you're ready, remove the rollers and you will have nice volume.

Or, if you don't have time to wash your hair, a quick, messy undo is more modern and fancy and fashionable. Just grab the hair, pull it back and pin it into place. The more texture your hair has, the better. It's easy! 10 minutes and you're done.”

Makeup artist April Chaney (pictured right):

“Every woman looks beautiful if they have these three things in their makeup bag: eyeliner, mascara, and a lip gloss. If you want to enhance the eyes, just apply black eyeliner along the lash line on the top, and on the inside of the bottom eyelid. Then build up your lashes with mascara, and top it all off with lip gloss!

Also take care of your skin and make sure it looks good. [When it comes to] foundation, it's all according to preference. If you need more coverage or have dry skin, I suggest using a liquid. But if you just want a dewy look, use [liquid] bronzer to contour your skin, especially around the hairline and the chin.”

xx, India-Jewel Jackson
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