Top Tips for Celebrating the Season With Style


Celebrity designer Kenny Davis reveals his top tips for celebrating the holiday season in style.

A Traditional Christmas Tree… A traditionalist at heart, my favorite is a traditional Christmas tree that creates the foundation of love and memories for any family’s holiday season. These trees tell the story of generations celebrating Christmas. Anything you hold dear may be placed as an ornament on the tree, from children's decoupage kindergarten school pictures to your grandmother’s mercury glass bauble. Each ornament tells an intimate story that the family holds dear.

The Modern Christmas Tree… The modern tree is often assembled as a design-specific holiday statement to create a specific mood, or color motif. This can easily be achieved by simply choosing your favorite color palate and decorating the tree with ornaments to match. Much like any modern design, less is best. If you are new to this kind of aesthetic decor, only choose three various ornaments. Buy them in bulk and hang to your desire. Metallic silver or gold can add a rich, modern aesthetic to any environment.

Evergreen Wreaths and Garland vs. Magnolia… Oh, what does it all mean? While traditional wreaths and garland have been made of all sorts of evergreen, a recent flourish of Magnolia leaves have found favor as well. Magnolia garland, or mixing magnolia leaves among traditional evergreens, adds a touch of Southern appeal and richness otherwise not found in traditional greens.

Homemade Cookies are an absolute must. While anyone can go out and buy beautiful Christmas cookies, decorating them at home is an irreplaceable family tradition. No matter how hard you try, they will never look like the cover of a magazine, but who really cares?! I'd much prefer to eat a sugar cookie which has been decorated with a child’s love. My hint: pick up some multi-coloured French dragees, and sprinkle them on frosted sugar cookies. French dragees come in Hot Pink Sugar, White Sugar, Pastel Metallic and Silver Metallic beads, among many other colors.

Edible Snow AKA Confectioner's Sugar… Kids and adults alike love to indulge in the season's sweets. Poached pears, adrift in a bowl of spiced brandy or cranberry puree heavily dusted with confectioner's sugar will not only be delicious but becomes an edible piece of art that will amaze family and friends.

Mica Dust and Ash Trail for Santa… Santa always leaves a trail of ash outside the fireplace when scattering gifts for the kids. This Christmas morning, make it extra-special by creating ash boot marks mixed with gold and silver glitter, or better yet, Mica dust that will reflect the magical mood Santa left behind.

Homemade Stockings… Much like homemade cookies, you simply can not go wrong making homemade stockings. They will become your children's heirloom memories of Christmases gone by.

Decorate With Food… Use candies and cookies for kid-friendly ornaments.

Velvet Tree Skirt… Nine yards of beautiful red velvet fabric, puddled beneath the Christmas Tree is gorgeous, and will prove to be an everlasting tradition. If you feel bold, play with the fabric and create a line of rosettes on the periphery of the velvet to create an even more formal look.

Candles in the Windows… The first settlers of New England would light their windows with candles to find their way home. Today, the rich history of candles in the window remains a classic traditional touch to add ambience to the home as well as formal décor for a holiday curb appeal.