Topshop Goes Behind The Scenes With Kate Moss


Kate Moss’ collection for Topshop hits shelves in under a week, and the store has released a video to get us even more excited about it. The beading! The dresses! The jackets! The details! Suffice it to say, we can’t wait to get our hands on this collection, throw some sunglasses on and and enter full-on bad-ass-Kate-Moss-mode. But we digress. In the video, the supermodel wears pieces from her collection, which includes tons of fringe and ladylike dresses. As she glides effortlessly around what looks like a design studio gushing about each and every item, members of her team do the same. “Gorgeous,” “amazing,” “love” and “Kate to a T,” are some of the phrases that get thrown around as Moss smiles and twirls. We’d have to agree with them, wouldn’t you?