Transitioning Fall Looks With Winter Outwear


Autumn’s crisp breeze has turned into more of an all-out chill now that winter is upon us. We’re not fretting over fashion, though, because looking hot amid the frost is an easy feat. And, no, glam girl, an excusable shopping spree for a whole new winter wardrobe isn’t necessary. By simply adding a few key outerwear pieces, your stylish fall looks will make the fuss-free transition into colder weather.

As a general theme, upping the layers to survive the season is the way to go. Fall’s haute hues, from rich oxbloods and emerald greens to neutral camel and black, can still be worn in winter. Just strategically add more clothing that’ll look fashion-forward and flattering while keeping you warm.

While we were all about the chunky pullover sweater as soon as summer ended, for winter, we suggest adding a chic button-down oxford underneath this favorite piece of outerwear. Not only does it give you an added layer, the pairing of a smart, more traditional piece under a thick knit is a gorgeous mix of material and design.

The more obvious solution to transitioning fall outfits into winter is, of course, to add a cold-weather jacket. Though it’s a timeless classic, if you’re feeling daring this season, skip the usual black peacoat and go with a trending style. Camel wool trenches with cinched waists, anything fur-lined, outerwear with shearling detailing, and oversize cocoon-style coats are all hot this season. Pick a neutral shade, and keep the colors popping with your layers underneath.

Lastly, it’s all about those outerwear accessories. Autumn may have called for a lightweight cotton scarf, but switch it out for a bulkier knit infinity version for winter. Keep your fingers warm with chic leather gloves—cashmere lined for the extra-fancy fashionista.